Frequently Asked questions

How easy is LynxDEMS to implement? It's VERY EASY! With our Zero Footprint web application, your department will be up and running IMMEDIATELY!

Are my digital evidence files completely secure and tamperproof? YES! 

Can I quickly and easily annotate, file, manage, search, view, print, communicate, archive, and maintain our digital images and other media? YES!

Can I "batch annotate" my digital media, annotate multiple, selected, or all files with the same information simultaneously? YES!

Does the digital media have an audit trail which can be sorted and printed? YES!

Can I mark up images with layers to draw attention to specific aspects of an image (but not modify, duplicate or tamper with the original)? YES!

Can I buy just the software without the need or cost of special hardware and/or proprietary accessories in order to utilize the program or system? YES!

Can I install the software on as many workstations as I'd like with complete control of what features and data will be available to each user (or group of users) without any additional cost? YES!



Elias Tirado, Los Angeles Police Department. Los Angeles, CA

"Let me just say thanks for all your hard work in making the implementation of the LynxDEMS system a success and memorable. The system has proven to be an invaluable tool for our agency.

Please thank your whole team for all their efforts over the years and I'm looking forward to continuing into the future with LynxDems."


Kurt Murine, Orange County Sheriff and Coroners Dept, Orange County, CA

“I was concerned about finding a software  product that would provide security that would stand up to challenges in court, allow for annotation of the images by our investigators and have flexible search capabilities.

I chose LYNX because I found no other product that matched its wealth of  features.

Again, I can’t commend your company enough on a product that has proven so useful and indispensable to our agency.”


Dave Okon, Mount Prospect Police Department, Mount Prospect, IL

"I'm so glad we found your company and the LynxDEMS software! No other system we looked at provided the features of the LynxDEMS system and it was the most affordable! What could be better?"

Please use us as a reference anytime. It's an absolute pleasure working with your company and system."