LynxDEMS - High-speed secure digital evidence management


The LynxDEMS solutions have been used by government and law enforcement agencies for over 20 years to better manage and secure their digital evidence.

We are dedicated to providing agencies of all sizes with an affordable, scalable, and secure digital evidence management solution... one that allows them to work with their digital evidence in a more effective (and efficient) manner.

Please contact us to schedule a live online demonstration of the program and see how LynxDEMS can benefit your agency.

  • Our proven tamper-proof digital evidence management system is an invaluable tool for any agency. Digital evidence is instantly authenticated and secured in one single system. Digital photos are encrypted and all digital evidence is only accessible to groups/users with permissions and rights.

  • Keep your important visual evidence files from being altered, copied, mislabeled, deleted or lost. Have complete control over group and user access to cases and features.

  • Quickly find digital evidence within one case or across all cases instantly! Create hyperlinks to securely share evidence with Prosecutors and/or investigative partners.

  • Annotate your images with redline layers, text, notes and custom search fields while keeping your original photos and media in a tamper-proof, safe environment.

  • Built in transcoding stores the original video files of all common formats and then the system transcodes/converts non-browser compatible videos into HTML5 compliant "MP4" format for playback on any modern web browser while still keeping original evidence and formats intact.

  • Organize evidence by date, case number or detailed description. Utilize your agencies own user-defined custom search fields to ensure that you get all of the necessary information attached to your evidence.

  • Seamlessly integrate your evidence using Lynx-hyperlinks into your RMS (Record Management System), LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) or virtually any third-party software program or application.

  • Reduce wasted time from searching, saving or archiving photos that are stored as individual picture files that could be scattered across local, network or removable drives (and especially CD's).

  • Have an audit trail of all evidence showing complete chain of custody (be able to see who has viewed, printed, saved, etc., all of your digital evidence).

  • Securely upload images directly from squad cars/mobile devices into the system via your intranet (or a CJIS Compliant Web Server using the internet).