LynxDEMS Quick Overview and Demonstration

Lynx Digital Evidence Management System Features:

The LynxDEMS digital evidence management system allows administrators to control data access and individual user rights. Select which cases/features are enabled for users, user-groups and sub groups.  This makes it easy to manage multiple divisions under one main system.

Seamlessly integrate and embed your LynxDEMS digital evidence ("view-only access") into virtually any RMS or other applications you use with your case reports.

Share specific (or all) case digital evidence ("view-only access") with investigative partners, prosecutors or other agencies that you need to collaborate with.

Digital evidence CANNOT BE ACCESSED without the LynxDEMS software (and the correct username, password and security permissions).

Import all common photo, video, and audio file formats.

Print photos that highlight specific details (including custom header/footer, notes, markups, captions, date/time, etc.).

Preset the number of images per page to allow quick printing with an unlimited number of images.

The Quick Add feature allows you to instantly create a case to file digital media with all of your department custom fields and presets.

Create custom user-defined search field tags for annotating media with information important to your agency. Custom fields can be restricted or required (ie: investigator, location, weapon, etc.).

The system acquires and stores all associated data with the original images (i.e. meta/exif, camera make/model, zoom, GPS coordinates, etc.).

Organize images in ascending or descending order.

Annotate images/media either individually or in groups (batch annotation).

Search filters are unlimited and can be saved for later review.

Search for anything (within any date range) across one, multiple, or all of your cases to find exactly what you need, when you need it.

Export digital evidence to be used with other applications (either individually or in groups) while original evidence data is securely retained within the system.

Create and insert hyperlinks to share or integrate evidence into virtually any third-party application.

Mark or red-line an image to draw attention to a specific area.

Adjust thumbnail sizes.

See all of the related photo information as soon as any evidence is selected.